12 February 2012

Whitney Houston Dead at 48

You knew it was coming... yet what a waste: back in 80s when I was a rocker/new-waver, her type of music was far from what would  typically perk my interest... but  it did.  Talent is talent, and the sweet, powerful voice had her music -and incredible beauty- swirling in my head throughout the day as I hummed those ballads.

Poor girl just fell in with the wrong crowd, to say the least...


Val said...

So sad!! Expected but still sad!

I was horrified to learn that Bobby Brown was still going on stage last night!
And that the party was still on in the same hotel she died! Her body in the room and her friends partying downstairs! I hate Hollywood!

Reaganite Republican said...

These early songs of hers are pure genius... WHAT a talent.

And I hate Hollywood too- haven't paid to see a Hollywood movie in over ten years

You know why they named him Brown? Because he's a piece of crap, that's why- Bobby is about about as popular as that Italian cruise ship captain right now

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