06 March 2012

Fighting for RUSH (One of Our Own!)

With kniving 'Journal-List' types and a predatory online Left forcing Team Obama's desired (false) narrative of 'birth control rights' on GOP candidates (and now conservative media figures), Slut-gate has descended upon us: seems as good a time as any to adopt that "What would Brietbart do?' attitude we were pledging just last week, wouldn't you say.... 

What Fluke was talking about in the first place was $9/mo. in birth control she can't seem to scrape-up the cash for... seriously threatening her sexual freedom. Sounds like a major slut to me, but who knows what the reality is, since the whole hollow 'scandal' definitely looks like a set up...  one probably actually meant for Santorum. As the droll charade plays out, we've even got Obama giving Fluke a comforting phone call yesterday... right on cue.

But emboldened by their recent driving of Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchanan, and others out of influential media positions, the unholy alliance of Obama/MSM/prog Left are now going all-out to destroy Rush Limbaugh...  can our movement afford the loss of yet another one of our bravest warriors on the eve of maybe the most important presidential race in history?

Better to go on the offensive than sit around waiting to find out- here's who WE need to be boycotting, and RIGHT NOW: unfortunately, some squirelly Limbaugh advertisers have backed-out due to distortions and unrelenting pressure from our political enemies -the American Left- and now need to know they have rendered themselves untouchable as far as we're concerned.

If you are currently doing business (or plan to do business) with any of them, I simply ask you to stop- don't let them see another dime. And any who have a spare moment would be doing us all a great service to write, call, or e-mail... and give them an earful:

Sleep Train: (
founder Dale Carlsen had been advertising with Rush for 25 years):  

Sleep Train Mattress Centers 2204 Plaza Drive Rocklin, CA 95765 

Sleep Train's customer service: customerservice@sleeptrain.com

Toll-free number for Sleep Train: 1-800-919-2337

Toll-free FAX for Sleep Train: 1-866-293-5719

Legal Zoom: The Co-founders of this company are Brian Liu, Brian Lee, Eddie Hartman and Robert Shapiro.

Legal Zoom.com 101 N. Brand Blvd., 11th Floor Glendale, CA 91203

Corporate HQ phone number: 1-323-962-8600

FAX for Legal Zoom: 323-962-8300

Sleep Number: The President and CEO of Sleep Number is Bill McLaughlin. This company has contact through an e-mail form they provide here.

 (CEO connected to MoveOn.org!): here's their site

Yet, LifeLock is standing by Rush... what a wonderful group of people to do business with indeed~

Any input or updates more than welcome in comments or at contact page above... TIA

Updated Limbaugh sponsor list at Maggie's Notebook

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Fighting for RUSH


Anonymous said...

The graphic is very offensive - you can be sued for this!

Reaganite Republican said...

Bring it on lol

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

RR, Below is what I am sending and all are free to use it should they wish,,,,,,,

To Whom it may concern,

Due to your recent and uninformed decision to halt advertising on the Rush Limbaugh radio show your company is longer a consideration in my household.

I also will speak to family, friends, neighbors, Church members, coworkers and really anyone I run into say in the grocery store advise them to do the same.

This decision and subsequent talks can and would be reversed should you reverse your move and return to advertising on Rush's' show.

Reaganite Republican said...


The Professor said...

Lol. An anon liberal troll. Its always a sign of success :-) Kudos RR!

libertarian neocon said...

Personally I thought Rush's comments were offensive... to prostitutes. Unlike Fluke, prostitutes give you a choice about whether or not to pay for sex.

Mark Adams said...

I have already hammered Proflowers, Citex and Carbonite on their facebook page so much, that FB suspended me for 24 hours of commenting on anything... Tonight, I'll be right back at it. :)

The Conservative Lady said...

Proflowers has heard from me and sent me a reply:
Thank you for contacting ProFlowers.
We appreciate your email and thank you for openly expressing your opinions. Your feedback has been noted and will be shared with our team.

As for Carbonite...I proceeded to cancel my account and this is what I found out: http://tclblogger.blogspot.com/2012/03/so-youre-thinking-about-canceling-your.html

Teresa said...

Fluke is a political propaganda whore. I back Rush 100%. The sponsors who dropped his show are cowards and hypocrites. Carbonite didn't do this when Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a right wing slut. Boycott, boycott, boycott.

Adrienne said...

@anon - truth hurts, doesn't it!

My little Carbonite symbol in my tray is now blinking red and my refund is posted to AmEx. Buh bye!!

Matt said...

@Libertarian Neocon: That's what happens when you allow government to subsidize something. When it's prostitution, we all become "Johns."

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