09 March 2012

North Korea's New Dear Leader Kim Jong Un Certainly Has a Way Looking at Things . . .

Looking at food

Looking at a rifle

Looking at a sliding door

Looking at his co-pilot

Looking at the carpet

Looking at fish

Looking at his mountains

Looking at factory equipment

Looking at destiny

Looking at the translator

Looking at a fugly gift from Chinese officials

Looking at his rythm

Looking at old army photos

Looking at YOU

And did you know that Kim Jong Un is just another in a series of Kim family super-geniuses... one that learned to drive at age three?  It's true! -only an imperialist running-dog could possibly think otherwise...

Kim Jong Un Dear Leader propaganda giving on the spot guidance


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I here he begs for food now.

Reaganite Republican said...

Doesn't appear to be the case lol

We may not know much about him, but the lil' cherub is definitely well-fed... looks like a Korean Kewpie doll

Libertarian Advocate said...

Looks more like he has glandular problems to me.

drjim said...

Probably inbred....

Trestin said...

We are truly blessed to have a new communist playing us for fools.

Reaganite Republican said...

And the kid's 28 years old... humiliating as it gets

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