11 April 2012

21 Nuggets of Wisdom from the
Late-Great Charlton Heston:

'Political Correctness is tyranny with manners'

I didn't change. The Democratic Party slid to the left from right under me.

Affirmative action is a stain on the American soul. (Heston famously marched/supported the 1960s Civil Rights cause 'before it was fashionable')

Well, we have certainly produced great art before... In my view, there are any number of areas of government which tax money should not be spent.

Somewhere in the busy pipeline of public funding is sure to be a demand from a disabled lesbian on welfare that the Metropolitan Opera stage her rap version of Carmen as translated into Ebonics.

Mr. Clinton, sir, America didn't trust you with our health-care system. America didn't trust you with gays in the military. America doesn't trust you with our 21-year-old daughters, and we sure, Lord, don't trust you with our guns.

The Constitution was handed down to guide us by a bunch of those wise old, dead, white guys who invented this country. It`s true - they were white guys. So were most of the guys who died in Lincoln`s name, opposing slavery in the 1860s. So, why should I be ashamed of white guys? Why is Hispanic pride or black pride a good thing, while white pride conjures up shaved heads and white hoods?

The trouble with movies as a business is that it's an art, and the trouble with movies as art is that it's a business.

It`s hard living up to Moses.

People in the film community think being politically active means getting on Air Force One and going to dinner at the White House. I`ve scorned a few liberals in this town, and I get a kick out of that.

...more and more, we see films made that diminish the American experience and example. And sometimes trash it completely.

Charlton and Lydia Heston, 1960

It is not widely known that one of the finest gun collections on the West Coast is Steven Spielberg's. He shoots, but very privately.

If you need a ceiling painted, a chariot race run, a city besieged, or the Red Sea parted- you think of me.

To the world, you are America.

What cannot be cured must be endured (from his final TV interview in Dec 2002, re. being diagnosed with Alzheimer's)

So if I can't recall your name, you'll know why. And if I tell a funny story for the second time- please laugh

It's funny how class can skip a generation -on hearing a cruel, tasteless remark made about his condition by George Clooney (nephew of Rosemary Clooney)

I don`t know the man - never met him, never even spoken to him. But I feel sorry for George Clooney... one day he may get Alzheimer`s disease. I served my country in World War II. I survived that - I guess I can survive some bad words from this fellow.

... I simply cannot stand by and watch a right guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States come under attack from those who either can't understand it, don't like the sound of it, or find themselves too philosophically squeamish to see why it remains the first among equals: Because it is the right we turn to when all else fails. That's why the Second Amendment is America's first freedom...

The law-abiding citizen is entitled to own a rifle, pistol, or shotgun. That right -put simply- shall not be infringed.

So that this nation may long endure, I urge you to follow in the hallowed footsteps of the great disobedience of history that freed exiles, founded religions, defeated tyrants, and yes, in the hands of an aroused rabble in arms and a few great men.

From my cold, dead hands... 

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Randy-g said...

I miss Charlton, he was a class act.

Reaganite Independent said...

He might have been another Reagan, had he chose to run...

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

He's from an era of Hollywood that had class.

Reaganite Independent said...

You got that right, brother

Adrienne said...


Reaganite Independent said...

I hear you

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