25 April 2012

ObamaCare is DEAD MEAT

Better it than you!

As has been said here and at finer places where patriots dwell, ObamaCare MUST be destroyed... now my friends the United States Supreme Court have begun to do just that.

A decision is unlikely before June, but I'm not the only one saying it looks bad for the Left: Rasmussen found that a majority of American voters are confident ObamaCare will be overturned, as it is extremely doubtful that Anthony Kennedy will flip... and that's just what blindered Obammunist members of the court (Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan) need to assist them in ramming this unconstitutional, budget-bloating power grab through the nation's last line of defense (instead of actually considering the legality)... the same way unprincipled Dems helped Dear Leader (while lying through his teeth) trample the legislative process in the first place.

Further evidence that sanity may be returning to this country at long-last presents itself in the fact that some think it might even go down 6-3 now... ouch. Obama himself surely must know he's in trouble here- how else to explain the unprecedented hectoring of the Judicial Branch over the previous few weeks.

But like the Newtster has long said -and Romney unfortunately hasn't the cajones (nor moral authority) to say- 
'ObamaCare was 'rushed through, was never reconciled, cannot be implemented... and is wrecking this economy.' 

Indeed- yet what a shame this Frankenstein of a bill had to go all the way to the Supreme Court to be finally struck down
(at five minutes to twelve) on constitutional grounds... I guess blatantly unconstitutional, too expensive,  wrecking the economy, and 'cannot be implemented' didn't concern anyone in the Legislative Branch long enough to get up off of their fat asses and do right thing from day one all the way up until now.

So please pray for SCOTUS to finish the job (and twist the knife a couple times): let the unparalleled American system of constitutional checks-and-balances do what it was designed to do and consign this putrid power-n-tax grab to the dustbin of history... I would say 'where it belongs' if not for the fact that nobody had any business bringing such an illegal monstrosity into existence on Capitol Hill in the first place.  

History will undoubtedly record the long, sorry episode as an wholly-unnecessary waste of time and money, as well as a mountain of 'hopenchange' political capital.

Seems the funeral pyre of the so-called 'progressive' movement is now being stoked before us- and I'm plenty stoked about that.

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