02 April 2012

Shocker: Romney - Marin 2012*

Sky-high hopes for Rubio as VP go up in smoke...

With triangulating RNC pollster-eggheads having convinced Team Romney that a Hispanic running-mate is somehow essential to Republican victory in November (rather than superficial things like policy, principle, ideas, experience, etc) the shaky, unloved front-runner apparently felt the need to wrap up an early commitment from some other heavy-hitter with major name recognition.... 

Since Rubio is unavailable -and after (colorful) talks with Charo ended in disappointment- actor Cheech Marin has stepped-up to fill the perceived void on the 2012 GOP ticket. Romney's surprise move has shocked some observers, wags wasting no time in labeling the pair 'Flippy -n- Hippy'.

Marin (right) arrives at Romney2012 HQ 
with consultant Thomas B. Chong (choking, left)

Yet VP nominee-in-waiting Marin oozes confidence:
'Look, the dude made me nervous the first time I met him, too...
I know he looks like a
narc, man (laughs)'.

Cheech went on to say "With my (California- ouch) divorce,
I need some dough, bro! And all I got to do is convince a couple million vatos that Romney is 'cool' and I got a easy 4-year gig. Sounds like a real hassle, I know-- but most idiots in this country will believe anything you tell 'em, look what happened last time."

"I'm already working on few things- proud to say that we got Mitt to lose the mom-jeans ... all jacked-up high and shit! He's got a few nice Caddies, you know- but of course they look lame, could use some rims. But the dude dishes out dinero everywhere he goes, that's going-over well... da boyz call him El Guapo."

Asked about his qualifications for the job, the washed-up comic retorted sharply:"You know how much #%&@! loco-weed I'd have to huff down to be half as dumb as Joe Biden?"

Marin added "Obama, Axelrod... they were really counting on Hispanics, and they also thought they had the stoner-slacker vote all sewn-up, facing that mama's boy Rubio! But they didn't count on me being in the mix, ha ha."

*belated April 1st greetings to all


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Cheech would be a great fit. He knows as much about life as Romney. And besides that, he'll smoke anything Romney's pushing.

Reaganite Republican said...

True fact lol

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