08 May 2012

Mandatory California Handgun Safe?

Government-controlled gun access in your home might not be as far fetched as you think... California gun-control zealots in the state legislature have already...

  • Passed a new 'unloaded open carry' handgun ban earlier this year... while concealed-carry permits have become considerably harder to come by.
  • Mandated long-gun registration (effective 2014)
  • Demanded that ALL gun-buyers -even by the permanently cleared- observe a full ten-day waiting period.
  • Banned removable magazines for any rifle with a pistol-grip (huh?)... that is, unless equipped with a 'mag-lock', 'bullet-button', or switched-out to a 'monster-man grip' (since CA gun-control legislation appears to be written by those with little knowledge of weaponry, a substantial growth industry in CA has developed exploiting loopholes/producing gadgets to outmaneuver these ill-conceived laws).
  • Allowed 'hunting rifles' -basically the same as 'assault rifles' but with a more integrated pistol grip- to retain removable banana-clips, in-effect because the pistol-grip is slightly less protruding- makes sense!

So, what's next...?

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