17 May 2012

The REAL Reason Obama and Holder
Going After JP Morgan...?

Just in case you were wondering why Dear Leader has turned on supporter Jamie Dimon,  threatening investigations and 
new legislation when JP Morgan lost less than 
1% of their own money in a bad trade...

George Soros quadrupled his gold exposure in the first quarter, according to his latest 13-F filed with the SEC, increasing his position of 85,000 GLD shares during Q4 2011 to 320,000 shares by the end of March.

That’s still a far cry from the 4.67M shares Soros held at the end of 2010. He dumped almost all of it in the following three months-. when gold still traded between $1,340-1,440. Even at today’s “relatively” depressed price, that looks like a pretty bad trade.

But ole Spooky Dude also loaded up on J.P. Morgan Chase during the first quarter. Mr Soros don't like to lose money, so now that it looks like he took a real haircut on it when JPM stock tanked last week, we have this vengeance agenda emanating from an Obama regime that he owns lock, stock, and barrel...

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