17 May 2012

Romney, Evangelicals on the Same Page
of the Playbook Now?

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Dick Morris -speaking on Fox's Hannity last night- had this take on the current state of relations between presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney and the Evangelical Christian right:

'Romney had a real problem with Evangelicals, since he's a Mormon and he beat Santorum.

But Obama solved that for him overnight with the gay marriage endorsement- there'll be 95% turnout among Evangelicals now.'

Far be it from me -a lifelong Catholic- to speak for these fine people, but avid polling enthusiast Morris may be onto something here: almost any survey you care to look at shows growing enthusiasm from not just Evangelicals but most moderates and conservatives -even former Obama supporters- anxious to unseat the repulsive Obammunist regime (along with others of that ilk in congress and on the state level)... people are afraid of these kooks, it's that bad.

In contrast, the so-called 'progressive' movement seems tired, worn-out, and despondent... not unusual for foolhardy socialist experiments terminated by that always-inevitable collision with reality. Trouble is, this one's going to cost us- already has.

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