04 June 2012

As Obama's Intrade Odds Tank in the Wake of Gruesome Jobs Numbers, Administration Excuse-Makers Go Into Meltdown Mode

It was only a little over a year ago the Bolshevik Boy Wonder's seemingly limitless supply of dumb-luck had his second term a forgone conclusion in the minds of many, including myriad RINOs and other Republican defeatists. 

Oddsmakers like Intrade are notoriously accurate -possessing the same eerie prescience found in Vegas football bookies- as these are people who make a living betting on such things...
and Barack Obama's reelection was a 70% certainty to them
at one point.

Alas, while not 'wanting America to fail', I myself have long felt it a certainty that reckless Obama policies would have reality intervening eventually: expectations were for an ill-advised foreign policy to blow-up in his face, with an economy that could limp back to life but with harmful inflation sparked by a bloated money-supply.

Yet in an eventful 2012, we've seen FAIL the other-way-round: Obama's still lucky on public opinion of foreign policy
(as many pretend Iran is not there), but the economy has not delivered any sort of real recovery that I thought certain by this point... rather, it's circling the bowl as Romney has communicated that reality better than most would have thought.

Friday's jobs report -creating only about half of what's needed just to keep up with population growth, never mind pull up this country by it's bootstraps- was truly pathetic. Economists expected 100-200K new positions on the nation's payrolls, yet a meager 69K means an monthly 2012 average just a bit more than that, +75,000 jobs/month.

Since that report hit the wire, Obama's odds chart looks as if
it fell off a cliff.. costing him 5 points overnight:

No big deal? That's clearly not what former 'Car Czar' Steve Rattner thinks, the Obama surrogate 'freaked out' on MSNBC when presented with the President's decaying odds at Intrade. As one might guess, David Axelrod showed little grace under pressure either as he attempted to defend the Administration's woeful employment policy on Face the Nation Sunday.

Still more good news for us clingers:  Scott Walker's chance of victory stands at a towering 93.8% today- he's got that one in the bag, and with massive nationwide implications (hard to see how a demoralized WI Left is a good thing for Obumbles, either).