12 June 2012

Gross Deutschland 2012

Like brand-new Chinese ghosts towns and Soviet Five-Year Plans, somehow centralized schemes -on a national,
let alone international scale- seem to always fall some measure short... or even achieve precisely opposite of what they intended to do in the first place.

Power in the Third Reich was so concentrated that most major decisions fell to Hitler himself -particularly military strategy in the late stages of the war- and we all know how that turned out. Yet in a supreme case of irony, today's wealthy, democratic (but emasculated and ashamed-of-their-past) Germany is having the continental hegemony the Nazis killed millions for thrust right into their laps by fate... and most of them want nothing to do with it.

Alas, the Germans just spent six decades trying to convince the world they're not racist, are nothing to worry about militarily, and have no intention of trying to swoop-in and take over again... starting with the European Coal and Steel Community in 1950, 'progressing' on towards to the Common Market and eventually the EU/Euro common-currency... only to be forced by consequences to dominate the 27-nation block economically and politically. Since only they and the Dutch seem to know how to work and live within their means, the broke, infantile, and listless countries of southern Europe have little influence left,
even regarding their own nations' fate.

Today, the very German work ethic and perfectionism that made you wonder 'how did they ever lose the war' has much of the EU today laying themselves at the Hun's feet... begging for some fatherly guidance, cash, and discipline. Keeping things
im ordnung throughout this emerging empire will be what has been called the EU's 'secret dictator'... the German Bundesbank.

           Plenty to look forward-to

While this is surely not how the French intended things to go, the emerging reality of a German-dominated EU has much of the British public absolutely up-in-arms: a full 80% in the UK now demand a vote to quit the EU for good... and hard-core Euro skeptics like Lord Monckton and Nigel Farage are looking like freaking geniuses:

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