11 June 2012

Hilarious Lib Spin Re. Public-Sector Unions' Grisly Disembowelment in Wisconsin

Howard (The Scream) Dean: 
'We look at Wisconsin as a win for the Democrats'

Larry (Captain Comb-over) Axelrod:
'Wisconsin raises serious questions for Mitt'

Richard (Yougottaproblemwitdat) Trumka:
'Last night's result was not what we had hoped for, but this is not the end of the story, but rather the beginning'

Chris (Tingles) Matthews: 
"It's going to teach all that dirty, angry money - all those people who love influencing America and American politics, all the while keeping themselves shy of the searchlight - they can get away with it.'

Rachel Maddow: 'Scott Walker squeaked-by...'

Jay (Manure Spreader) Carney: 
"Wisconsin unions sent a strong message to Scott Walker'

Ed (Cantankerous Comrade) Schultz: 
"not enough Wisconsinites were convinced the recall was justified and even though they don’t approve of Scott Walker most Wisconsinites were not convinced he did enough to be removed from office'

Lawrence O'Donnell

'Tonight, the really big winner in Wisconsin's recall is... President Obama'

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz:
'What we demonstrated here is that Democrats are not simply going to lie down and be run-over'

'This (Wisconsin) is a government of the plutocracy, of the wealthy, or of the few- oligarchy. That is not what our founders sacrificed their life, liberty and personal freedom for. This is something else...'

Barack Hussein Obama: 
'The Wisconsin result won't tell us much about November'

BTW, this is the election they're talking about... 
in (what used to be) a deep-blue state:

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