02 June 2012

Obama: "I Don't Know Why I Have to Spend So Much Time With Congressmen from
Podunk City Just To Get My Bills Passed"

Bestselling author and former favorite of the Left Ed Klein has a new book out, titled after a label he claims Bill Clinton applied to Obama in private not that long ago, calling him an 'amateur'. In it, Klein takes a look at why the Obamas fell-out with Oprah, the stealth power of Valerie Jarrett,  towering arrogance of the Bolshevik Boy Wonder, as well as how much Bubba would
like to choke him...

Hardly a guy that anybody would consider a right-wing extremist, Klein is the former editor of the NYT Magazine and overseas editor for Newsweek who's put out books on the Kennedys and Hillary Clinton.

But because of his extensive knowledge of the Clintons and statements credited to Bill Clinton -who clearly despises Obama- Klein came to realize that the presence of an  'amateur' in the White House is an historic event in itself... a damaging period sure to affect this country for years to come.

He told Huckabee on Fox that numerous sources from White House political meetings had Obama always thinking he's the smartest guy in the room, intolerant of any opposing view, and even openly complaining to foreign counterparts of having to deal with flyover country riff-raff in order to ram through his bonkers agenda.