14 June 2012

President Obama Hits Links for 100th Time

Maybe we should just let him stay out there 
until January- when the adults take back over

Remember how the press reamed W for his fondness of the game? Even when he quit so as to show respect for our fighting men and women overseas?

As president, Barack Obama's now played four times what Bush did (24 outings) in his entire two terms in office [MSM: -crickets-]

Although Dear Leader often bans cameras in a bid to prevent bad imaging, the numbers don't lie... this president is far more concerned with screwing around and taking lavish vacations than with fixing the gargantuan mess he's made of this country... seems the only thing he really takes serious is fundraising.

Yes, last Sunday's outing made it an even hun for our brave slacker-in-chief. And just do the math- that's cca 30 outings/year, or 2.5/month. Do you know anybody that has the time to golf like that? I sure don't- as Romney recently noted, that's 1800 holes now. And guess who's paying the greens fees... same saps that sponsor Mooch's relentless bingeing (you).

So, is he any good, after all that practice? The guy's no 
(38-under-par first time out!) Kim Jong Ilthat's all I know...

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