25 June 2012

Wackjob Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi Seeks 'Closer Relations with Iran'

Islamo-fascist Muslim Brotherhood aims 
"to create strategic 'balance' in the region"

As the so-called Arab Spring brings yet another Islamic government hell-bent on introducing Sharia law -rather than anything resembling freedom and democracy- it's become glaringly obvious that in it's wake the world has not gotten better for ANY-one, save medieval Muslim fanatics... and nobody knows it better than the almost 50% that voted against Morsi
this past weekend. Morsy

While many Israelis attempt to remain outwardly upbeat regarding the possibility of doing business with Egypt's newly-empowered Muslim Brotherhood, most must already realize that the development is an unmitigated disaster. They also harbor little doubt as to who to blame for allowing such hostile force to come to the fore while treating a loyal 30-year US ally -one who did much to keep the peace over there- like yesterday's garbage.

The US administration is supposedly reassured by the fact that Morsi is an American-educated engineer who speaks English and who's two sons hold US passports... but most in the Muslim Brotherhood who back him appear to be far more radical, deploying Morsi as a palatable character to snooker foreign policy imbeciles like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But Obama said they were cool... 

It is doubtful that the Egyptian military is going to give the Muslim Brotherhood free-reign anytime soon, though -there's still no parliament nor even constitution- and the generals are unlikely to be quite so enthusiastic about picking a wholly unnecessary and ill-advised fight with Israel.

However, just one day past the election and already we hear from Mr. Morsi of intentions to form a new friendship with Iran, that Jerusalem 'shall be our capital, God Willing', and that the Camp David peace agreement should now be re-negotiated with the Israelis.  Morsi is also fond of saying that the state's role lies in 'enforcing Sharia' and 'spreading Islam'.

Natural gas flow from Egypt has been cut off  for weeks now, and missiles fired at Israeli towns by Islamists in the Sinai... so much for expecting democracy to just sprout up like a little flower by allowing mob rule to run it's course in backwards, eye-for-an-eye, winner-take-all societies like Libya and Egypt.

All as predicted right here way back in Janary 2011, I'm sorry to say- nice job Barry, looks like your -and our- foreign policy
dumb luck has at long-last run out...

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