11 July 2012

Mitt Romney: Scrappy Underdog?

After watching the NAACP tell Romney's he's 'too white' to listen-to (then booing him), I just happened upon Stacy McCain's take on how Mittens carried himself... he makes a superb  point:

Today I watched Mitt Romney’s speech to the NAACP convention and was impressed that he did not pander.
Yes, portions of his speech were aimed specifically at his audience — Romney talked a lot about education reform as a means of promoting opportunity — but for the most part, Mitt gave his standard Republican stump speech, saying the same things to the NAACP I’d heard him say to crowds in Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida and other stops along the GOP primary campaign trail.
Mitt slammed ObamaCare and was willing to risk being booed for it, and in general displayed an admirable firmness of conviction...

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