16 July 2012

OH NO, Say It Ain't So: T-Paw's Got the Personality of a Broken Parking Meter!

Rumor has it Mittens has 'made his choice'- and it is lame


Anybody on Team Romney remember boring Republicans losing elections they should have won like Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, and GHW Bush? Look in the tapes, Mitt... you could use some help...

And Tim Pawlenty makes those guys look like Johnny Carson!

How bout the TEA PARTY Mitt- couldn't throw us a bone, for chrissake?

WHY NOT Sununu... West... Rubio... or Bachmann?

Yeah, things look good for us right now, what with Obama blowing $100M on negative attack ads to little or noone effect, but are you really so cocky that you think you can win this thing shackled to a corpse?

I knew it was going to be hard supporting you, but expected conservatives (and those who know it actually takes some personality and charm to win elections) might get a little bit more to pin our hopes on than a wet rag that Michelle Bachmann had zero trouble rolling right-over in the primary..

Good grief, man- the Veep is supposed to be an attack-dog, especially when the guy on the top of the ticket comes across like C3PO in a Clark Kent wig!

What the hell are you thinking, Skippy?