14 July 2012

Romney is NUTS To Keep
Dancing to Obama's Bain Rap

this shameless fraud, DAMMIT!

Let me make it real simple for you, Team Mittens:

1) Refuse to discuss any more issues related to Bain Capital.

2) Point-out publicly how the WaPo found Obama Bain claims dishonest, then review list of all Dems who find these attacks appalling.

3) Instigate a relentless new narrative re. how Obama is the most secretive (and hypocrital) president in US history... and demand immediate release of the below records:

  • Actual PHYSICAL COPY OF long-form
    birth certificate
  • Passport files, including dubious trip to Pakistan
  • University of Chicago Law School scholarly articles
  • Harvard Law Review articles
  • Harvard Law School records
  • Columbia University records
  • Columbia University senior thesis
    'Soviet Nuclear Disarmament'
  • Occidental College records
  • All college financial aid received
  • Punahou School records, where Mr. Obama attended from the fifth grade until he finished
    high school
  • Noelani Elementary School records, where Barack Obama attended kindergarten (according to the Hawaii Department of Education, students must submit a birth certificate to register — but parents may bring a passport or student visa if the child is from a foreign country)
  • Complete files and schedules of his years as an Illinois state senator from 1997 to 2004
  • Obama’s client list from during his time in private practice with the Chicago law firm of Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Gallard
  • Illinois State Bar Association records
  • Baptism records
  • Obama/Dunham marriage license
  • Obama/Dunham divorce documents

Do it now, Mitt... quit playing their diversionary games
or you're going to blow it