02 July 2012

Ruling-Class Entitlement Pimps
Continue to Lead by Example

'I deserved it'

Harry Thomas Jr

Shocking it is that millions of handout-junkies could be so shameless, even contemptuous while sponging off you their whole sad life... alas, it seems they learned it from such 'progressive' role-models as Michelle Obama and her permanent vacation...

Both then go to great lengths to defend each other's privilege and benefits while vilifying those who are forced to underwrite it all, perfect example being the recent case of disgraced Washington DC City Councilman Harry Thomas Jr.  
He resigned in January when faced with federal charges for theft and filing of false tax returns- the first such resignation in DC Council history, and from a seat his father had held for 12 years before him.

More specifically, Thomas is already serving 3+ years at a big federal penitentiary in Alabama stemming from felony convictions for stealing $345,000 from a special city children's fund and blowing it on a $70K SUV, a new Liberty motorcycle, expensive clothes- even luxury travel and entertainment.

Today the IRS came to his house and hauled-off vehicles and other goods Thomas (51) admitted he had bought with embezzled  taxpayer money. What triggered the raid was his claimed inability to make a court-ordered repayment schedule- he's already $50K behind.

But you haven't heard the half of it- when asked why he did it at sentencing in May, the disgraced Democrat -despite the part-time job's $125,000 salary being the 2nd highest in the nation- said he felt he 'deserved it' after 'all those years of public service'. 

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