25 July 2012

RUSSIA: Fisherman Finds Four Barrels of Fetuses Dumped in the Woods

Russia has long held the inglorious title of abortion capital of the world, with consistently the most terminations per woman of child-bearing-age of any nation. This grisly habit was established back in Soviet times, when the shimmering workers' paradise found simply snuffing-out the unborn less expensive than supplying birth-control in effective quantities.

Alas, even if families would liked to have had a larger brood, the creaking state-run economy never could produce sufficient plenty for anything north of about 1.1 children/couple, with most families crammed-into a two-room, cement-panel rabbit hut...
ah, the glorious efficiencies of central-planning!

And while any red-blooded male can somewhat empathize with those who couldn't resist impregnating beautiful Russian women,  the fact is that this deeply-damaged society holds the value of life in about the same esteem as most would a used Kleenex- a calloused and warped moral framework that could only be the (enduring) result of the harsh, godless existence as was the USSR.

Now just yesterday a Russian fisherman who thought he had stumbled across some useful 55-gallon-type water barrels up in a Ural Mountain forest also discovered 248 fetuses still foot-tagged and preserved in formaldehyde -nice, huh

There are still some actual human beings in Russia though, i.e. the Russian Orthodox Church, which stands in staunch opposition to abortion. The procedure was last banned from 1936-1954 in the USSR but is currently legal in Russia for up to twelve weeks (22 in case of rape). Despite some limitations, it's the rate that's breathtaking... surely a preview of what's in store for our country if we allow 'socially progressive' zealots to continue on their quest to make Planned Parenthood clinics more ubiquitous than Coke machines.