09 August 2012

65-Year-Old Granny Squeezes Off a Couple Rounds, Has Five Punk Would-Be Robbers Fighting Each Other to Get Out the Door

Five armed, masked men who attempted to rob a Garden Grove, CA jewelry store last week by swarming-in, waving pistols 'Reservoir Dogs'-style got schooled harshly by the owner
-a 65-year-old grandmother- who sent 'em scrambling when she disposed of any unnecessary conversation and chased them right down the aisle of the store whilst letting-loose a couple rounds in their direction. The five scrambled like rats, knocking over jewelry cases and fighting over the door... then their get-away driver took off so fast he left three spawn-of-Satan behind for police to nab soon afterward.

This was followed-up by yet another spectacle of stupidity the very next day when an attempted robbery in adjacent Westminister, CA -police suspect the same gang- was brought to an abrupt end by that store's armed owner as he shot one of the wannabe Mr Pinks right in the face

Another 'suspect' who was shot was detained until police arrived, so if indeed the same bunch of hoodlums, now only the getaway driver -the man of character who abandonded three of his buddies the day before- remains at-large... police say he could be driving a silver 2008-2010 Honda Accord.

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KTLA   2ndAmendmentTV   CBS Local   h/t Kirby