14 August 2012

Sununu To CNN'S Soledad O'Brien: 'Put an Obama Bumper Sticker on Your Forehead'

'You're aiding and abetting (Obama's) dishonesty'

Sununu: 'When you show that clip -and you show the president lying through his teeth- then you are 
aiding-and-abetting a distortion'...

Sununu: 'I’ve got the CBO report (on the Ryan plan) right here.' 

O'Brien: 'And I'm telling you what it says. I've read it several times.' 

Sununu: 'Put an Obama bumper sticker on your forehead when you do this!'

O'Brien: 'You know, let me tell you something, there is independent analysis that details what this is about.' 

Sununu: 'No, there isn't'

O'Brien: 'Yes, there is' 

Sununu: 'No, there’s Democratic analysis!'


Sununu (re. Obama's own $700B Medicare cut): 
It’s a reduction in services and a reduction in support for Medicare Advantage. That is taking money from the program.' 

O'Brien: 'Which by the way, Paul Ryan, right, has in his budget, which by the way, virtually every single Republican has voted on.' 

Sununu: 'But Mitt Romney does not. And it is not part of the Romney plan.' 

O'Brien: 'Which Romney has said in the quote I just read to you, he thinks it's "brilliant".'  

Sununu: 'But he likes the Ryan plan for its guts, but he has his own plan out there which is carefully crafted to protect the seniors from 55 and up and does not take the $700 billion that Obama took.'  

Sununu: 'Stop this- all you're doing is mimicking the stuff that comes out of the White House and gets repeated on the Democratic blog-boards out there'

[concidence? not!]

ViralRead   MRCTV   NewsBusters   h/t Riehl World View

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