31 August 2012

Mexican Drug Cartels Have 'Taken-Over' Pemex Oil Pipleline System, Now Engaged in Widespread Bribery of DHS Employees

'clandestine tap'

Despite 130-ton pot busts and their being locked in a five year, multilateral war with the government/other gangs in which 5x more people have died than US losses for the entire Iraq war, frightening Mexican drug mafias continue to grow in wealth, power, and influence... and are now extending their unique
brand of chaos directly to US soil.

The Mexican federal government already had enough problems facing an utterly ruthless enemy equipped with machine guns, narco-tanks and homemade submarines attained via almost unlimited cash-flow... now the gangs have gone on the offensive against the feds' own primary revenue source, Pemex: over thirty of the oil company's employees have been kidnapped and operations 'crippled' as the familias drain almost two million barrels from the nation's oil pipeline system via over 5000 'clandestine taps' in areas the army is simply unable to control...

CNS News:

Pemex said on Aug. 10 that the national pipeline systems 'are practically taken over by organized crime gangs associated with heavily armed groups.' Criminals use devices called “clandestine taps” to steal the oil from the pipelines. 

 According to Pemex, more than 1.84 million barrels of oil were stolen from the pipeline system in the first six months of this year, meaning that on average, at least 17,500 gallons of oil were stolen per hour...

But while the nationalized Pemex is basically a jobs program run in an extremely inefficient manner, the company has still provided the Mexican government with over half it's revenue for some time now. The problem is that old wells combined with the company's lack of investment/drilling technology has Pemex oil output in decline... NOW the cartels are swooping-in to bleed the ailing company -thus federal government/Army- completely dry.

But the monstrous Mexican drug gangs aren't just sitting on their swelling power and wealth... smelling weakness, they're charging right over the US border to put their boot on our throat, too:

Mexican cartels are increasingly engaged in the 'systematic corruption' of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) workers to expand their smuggling operations — including the trafficking of aliens from terrorism-linked countries. 

'Drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) have become not only more violent and dangerous, but more clever as well.' The DTOs have turned to recruiting and corrupting DHS employees' Charles Edwards, the acting DHS inspector general, told a hearing of a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee. 

'A corrupt DHS employee may accept a bribe for allowing what appear to be simply undocumented aliens into the U.S. while unwittingly helping terrorists enter the country. Likewise, what seems to be drug contraband could be weapons of mass destruction, such as chemical or biological weapons or bomb-making materials.' 
He also said DHS employees may be bribed to leak or sell sensitive law enforcement information to smugglers, and provide them with documents such as immigration papers....
141 CBP employees 'have been arrested or indicted for acts of corruption' since October 2004.

If President Romney doesn't send the Army down to the border his first week in office... given the situation, why do we even have a military anymore? Might as well just surrender to everybody now, open the borders, and save us all that money...


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