16 August 2012

'Preparing for Mass Civil War', Obama's Homeland Security Department Buys
1.2+ BILLION Rounds of Ammo

22 bullets for each and every Republican...

The story of how Frat-Boy Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security was preparing for civil unrest in the US was initially reported here back in May, when a person claiming to be a DHS insider let it be known that the highly-politicized agency was expecting political/economic street battles... and was getting ready to confront any protesters with overwhelming force. 

Worse yet, its our own president (and his supporters) fanning-the-flames: 'Occupy' was the first -failed- rabble-rousing stunt (funded by Soros), but there'll be more- GOP convention, etc. 

What they are trying to do in the short-term is draw-in conservative/TEA Party elements to some sort of physical confrontation -as attempted by violent leftists at Paul Ryan's speech in Iowa this week- then hopefully a conflict would spread nationally, at least to a level where the Obama regime could send in DHS riot police to crack clingers' heads and
lock-up as many as possible
(those expecting anything resembling balanced justice would be in for a hideous shock). 

Yet as unsettling as Homeland Security's purchase of 450M hollow-tip rounds three months ago was (already shipped), now as Dear Leader slides in the polls we hear that DHS has placed another, far larger order: 750M rounds of various types, up to and including mag cartridges that can penetrate walls 
(DHS order Pdf here). 

The agency also has an open order for 175K rounds of rifle ammo, putting the DHS total -alone/that we know of- at 
over 1.2 BILLION rounds. As concerned folks have begun to take notice, evidence suggests that Big Sis is attempting to conceal any incremental DHS purchases.

Typical of standard practice with this foul, Castro-esque regime, no explanation has been offered for such massive ammo buys coming like a bolt from the blue.... 

Hopenchange.... or else

No answers either re. why they need killer hollow-tip bullets (ostensibly for target practice!).

Nor for 'urgent' orders of riot gear by Homeland Security 
(as well as the US Army), new armored checkpoint booths with built-in traffic signals, or mysterious troop/armor movements observed throughout the US in recent months.

More pointed still would be a recently leaked US Army training manual entitled 'Civil Disturbance Operations', which besides other things spells-out how to confiscate weapons, quell rioting, and even kill American citizens. Among the many thought-provoking passages in the pamphlet are 'warning shot will not be fired' and one describing how 'political activists' will be 
're-educated' into developing an 'appreciation of U.S. policies'. 

Although the Army's willingness to obey illegal orders is in-doubt, another outfit to worry about would be FEMA, the federal emergency agency first established to aid the population and guarantee a continuation-of-government in the event of WWIII. 

Even though that Soviet threat no longer exists, the powers of FEMA have been expanded over the years, to the point where it is the only government entity with the potential ability to suspend the Constitution, confiscate property, and -yes- kill people as it sees fit... all it takes is the type of executive order President Obama is already oh-so-very fond of. 

FEMA relocation schemes and large-scale (concentration) camp expansions are plenty disconcerting, too: the largest of these sites lays just outside Fairbanks, Alaska (our Siberia!)- featuring a gargantuan mental-health facility, it can hold up to two million detainees (!) 

Note that the Soviet Union often shipped recalcitrant, politically-irritating people off to the Happy Home for 'fixing' as well.

And what's up with the Social Security Administration 
stocking-up on hollow-tip rounds?

OR the freaking National Weather Service acquiring the same type of high-powered ammo...?

Is it just me or does it seem like the Bolshevik Boy Wonder is arming-to-the-teeth any (loyal) federal agency that can even remotely scrape-up a potential reason to be shooting at people who stand in his way come November?