31 August 2012

ROXY MUSIC: 'Both Ends Burning' 1975

Roxy Music were an English art-rock group formed by art school graduate Bryan Ferry (vocals and keyboards), electronic music pioneer Brian Eno (synthesizer and 'treatments'), and others in 1971...

A mere 12 months later, the band had attained huge popular -and critical- success in the UK and Europe that lasted right-on-through the 1970s and into early 80s, beginning with the Top-10 debut album Roxy Music in 1972. 

Roxy Music was an astonishingly talented and innovative group, both in sound and trailblazing 'glam' stage show.  The band was highly influential, a significant source of inspiration to much of the English punk scene and a model for many New Wave acts and experimental electronic groups of the early 80s, i.e. Gary Newman, Talking Heads, Ultravox, etc.

While not quite as big a name in the States, most people I knew in college were plenty into them, myself very much included. Alas, the closest thing to a 'hit' Roxy Music ever experienced on our side of the pond might be 'Love is the Drug' (1975, #30 on US chart) or 1979's 'Dance Away' (#44)... yet both of these singles reached #2 in the UK.

Bryan Ferry -who is said to lean politically to the right- and co-founding member Eno have of course also had influential solo careers, the latter becoming one of the most significant record producers and collaborators of the late 20th century, with credits including albums by David Bowie, Devo, Talking Heads, U2 and Coldplay.

And say what you want about the pants and the eye-patch-
all I know is wherever Brian Ferry is, there are always beautiful women... always:

Roxy Music xxx Both Ends Burning

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