22 August 2012

Ryan Bounce in FULL EFFECT as New Poll
Has Romney Soaring to a 14-Point Lead
in Major Battleground State Florida

As predicted here, the Romney campaign has not only pulled-ahead nationally following the selection of Paul Ryan as his running-mate, but has now leaped to a double-digit lead in Florida (54-40%) according to Foster-McCollum-White, a Michigan-based pollster- the margin for error is 2.53%.

Although highly reliable Rasmussen has Romney up by only two in this week's Florida poll of likely voters, today's astonishing numbers may suggest a trend of some magnitude has already begun. Earlier polling had found that the numerous senior-citizens of the Sunshine State were -regardless of 'progressive' drivel to the contrary- far more terrified of Obamacare than anything the habitually-dishonest Obama campaign claims Ryan is going to do to them.

In fact, picking Paul Ryan might turn-out to be one of the best decisions Willard ever made, as it seems that much of the TEA Party movement is responding quite positively to his grand gesture towards the GOP's (vigilant) right.

Yet the Romney 14-point lead in Florida may only be the beginning of something big and powerful that's been unleashed... a long-suppressed backlash in this country against the incompetent, nefarious, and given-way-too-many-mulligans Obama Administration.

With even the youth vote starting to go against him, you have to wonder if there will be enough residual voters impressed with Obama's 'cool' neckties and Ludacris CD's to put him over the top this time... doesn't look like it.

And consider this: maybe Romney isn't a principled conservative, but he's apparently smart/pragmatic enough to see that this is what the times -and electorate- are calling for. 

With a history of bucking, weaving, waffling, and flip-flopping on conservative issues -based on which way the political winds were blowing- it's been difficult for conservatives to trust him on repealing Obamacare, spending, and constitutional issues... myself surely included.

After being pushed to the right in the primaries and now TEA Party hero Paul Ryan at his side, who's to say Mitt's conservative make-over of recent years will lack permanence... rather, he'll likely be bringing what the market demands. Most Bain-managed businesses were in the retail sector, you know... that's just the way the guy thinks, 'give 'em what they want'. That, and
hire good salesmen... which is exactly what he did last week.

It seems that Romney also concluded that with only 5% or so undecideds to fight over, he's better served by reaching out to the GOP base- and did he ever when he chose Ryan for VP.

While it's far from certain that Mitt Romney has given up on statism forever, we can only hope- but big-government solutions and wasteful spending wouldn't benefit Romney politically in the near-to-medium term, imho. 

I now believe that Mittens WILL repeal Obamacare, and that
Rep Paul Ryan could be president in 2016 or 2020: overall, things are suddenly looking up for conservatives after what felt like a disappointing primary season...

Romney point lead in Florida