18 September 2012

Libyan US Consulate: Remember What Sean Smith Said?

This morning the White House said their position on blaming the anti-Islam film for the death of 4 Americans at the Libyan Consulate on September 11th will remain the same. Minutes later they began a slight backing off - slight, in the face of overwhelming evidence and opinion that the attack was in retaliation for the drone strike on al-Qaeda's second-in-demand and the life sentence of Blind Sheik Omar Rachman...

Sean Smith

The following was posted yesterday at Maggie's Notebook:

About an hour ago, I heard Fox News' Catherine Herridge tell Megyn Kelly that the night Ambassador Chris Stevens died, someone heard someone say "we got him," meaning a successful assassination of Stevens. I'm looking for that in print and will link it when I find it. The remainder of the conversation was that Libyan officials remain firm in saying there was NO PROTEST of any kind going on before the attack, and intelligence sources on the ground saying there was NO PROTEST.

Which brings me to Sean Smith, the Consulate Information Management Officer who was online that evening and was one of the 4 dead Americans. As he chatted with friends he said nothing about a protest. He said he saw one of their Libyan guards outside the compound taking photos of the facility. Surely if a group was chanting about a film for more than a few minutes, he would have known it and said something about it.  Here's are his online remarks:

One of the American diplomats killed Tuesday in a bloody attack on a Libyan Consulate told pals in an online gaming forum hours earlier that he’d seen suspicious people taking pictures outside his compound and wondered if he and his team might “die tonight.” 
But hours before the bloody assault, Smith sent a message to Alex Gianturco, the director of “Goonswarm,” Smith’s online gaming team or “guild.” 
“Assuming we don’t die tonight,” the message, which was first reported by Wired, read. “We saw one of our ‘police’ that guard the compound taking pictures.” Source
After Herridge's report, I see that someone in the administration is already debunking it. Obama has everything to lose over this. He has made a major mistake by immediately blaming Americans FOR offending Muslims. It was known to be a lie early on, but he latched on anyway.  US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, beclowns herself (again) read more here.
CHRIS WALLACE: Terrorist cells in Benghazi had carried out 5 attacks since April, including one at this same Consulate in June. Should US Security have been tighter at that Consulate, given the history of terrorist activity in Benghazi? SUSAN RICE: We obviously did have a strong security presence and unfortunately two of the FOUR Americans who died in Benghazi were there to provide security, but it obviously wasn't sufficient in the circumstances to prevent the overrun of the Consulate. See the video here.
Memo to Ms. Rice: The "circumstances" were the anniversary of 9-11-01 on 9-11-12. It's reasonable to ask why Sean Smith did not mention people gathering outside the compound jabbering about a movie. Online reports say in the past, while chatting in the online forum, he had typed "incoming" and disappeared for awhile, meaning they were being fired upon. Maybe there was no hint of what was to come. It seems more likely from latest reports that firepower came from two directions, fast and powerful, and we know now, inescapable.
Herridge said the consulate came under fire from two different locations and in two waves, with the attackers using rocket-propelled grenades and mortars. Source: Fox News Insider
Considering that Smith had indicated the Compound has been fired on in the past, how can we possibly think two Americans serving as security inside the compound could be sufficient, when the outside of the compound was "protected" by Libyans who abandoned the property under heavy fire.
Remember that NBC quoted the Libyan President in their own video, saying the film had nothing to do with the attack. The accompanying article that went along with the video eliminated the quote, and the President actually saying the words was eliminated it in the video, but it was clearly quoted at the very beginning of the video by the narrator. Slick and slimy media using public airways to "fundamentally transform America."

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