19 September 2012

Three Years Later, Obama Still Not on List of 'Famous Columbians'

photo credit: Sodahead
I posted on Wayne Allyn Root in November 2009 and his site led to a page of "Famous Columbians," listing graduates of Columbia University who are famous. Root graduated Columbia in the same class as Barack Obama, 1983, political science and pre-law. He didn't know Obama, and according to Root, none of his friends knew him... 

This list of famous Columbians has many familiar names on it, but the present President of the United States is not there, nor is the current President of the United States who is a Nobel Prize winner there. At the time I found the list, nine months after Obama's inauguration, I thought perhaps the list had not yet been updated, but...today, he's still not there. The page looks legitimate. How could Barack Hussein Obama be missing from this page?

The list begins with a section for Politicians. Former Governors Gray Davis and George Pataki made the list. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg made the list - the only notation being that she is the daughter of JFK.  But Obama is not there. Al Gore's daughter is there, just because she is Al Gore's daughter. The bar isn't set very high. Obama tool George Stephanopolous is listed.

Obama is an "author," so maybe we find his name there, along with Norman Podhoretz and Anna Quindlan? No.
How about under the Business Category? Yuck, yuck! Waren Buffet is there. Stephen Friedman is there. Obama is not there.

Do you think for a minute Obama's handlers would let this slip by for three years after Wayne Allyn Root pointed it out to the world? Maybe there's a list of "infamous Columbians? Anyone have any ideas? Background here. Wayne Allyn Root's website here. Readers, please pass this on. It means something...not sure what, but it is exceedingly strange.

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