24 September 2012

Website That Filters Party Bias Out of
Prez Polls has Romney Up 5-11% Nationally

Rasmussen Reports has long been the most credible of polling agencies- the record speaks for itself. Part of this famed accuracy springs from the fact that as they are not a part of the liberal media establishment in this country, and also because Rasmussen extrapolates polling data from only those intending to vote in November... not merely 'registered voters' or 'adults' as so many others do, a technique that consistently distorts results to the political left. 

Obviously, this means talking to only people likely to affect the upcoming election, producing accurate predictions that skewing MSM spinmeisters can never hope to match... because they're not even trying to do so.

But yet another common distortion to political polling data has to do with warped party-bias: i.e., where GW Bush won on heavy GOP turnout in an election with a 50/50 party split among voters, the motivation Obama brought to the Left in '08 meant a far-from-usual +7% Democratic advantage at the polls. 

Alas, a recent CBS poll result that showed the president up by three points was accomplished by utilizing a highly-improbable-in-reality +13% Democrat advantage in turnout... no agenda there, eh.

It gets worse, Gallup was bullied by Axelrod for disclosing unkind realities, indeed the polling organization is directly employed by the White House as a 'consultant'... paid for with your tax dollars.

In a microcosm of the larger state-run MSM media as a whole, Rasmussen's generally-more-favorable to Republicans data has them often labeled by disingenuous 'progressives' as biased and 'a tool of the RNC'... when in reality, they -like Fox- are the only ones not licking Dear Leader's rear-end, and thus appear downright reactionary when awash in a sea of Leftist hacks.

So, now a new website has popped up that re-injects survey data from the major (biased) polls into the more-reality-bound Rasmussen model, and lo-and-behold Mitt Romney comes out as much as 11 points up in major nationwide polls... how bout that:

UnSkewed Polling Data
Monday, September 24, 2012 4:59:25 PM
UnSkewed Avg.9/4 - 9/20----44.051.8Romney +7.8
Reason/Rupe9/13 - 9/17787 LV4.345.052.0Romney +7
Reuters/Ipsos9/12 - 9/201437 LV2.944.054.0Romney +10
NBC News/WSJ9/12 - 9/16736 LV3.644.051.0Romney +7
Monmouth Univ.9/13 - 9/161344 LV2.545.050.0Romney +5
QStarNews9/10 - 9/1520753.044.055.0Romney +11
NY Times/CBS News9/8 - 9/121162 LV3.044.051.0Romney +7
Democracy Corps9/8 - 9/121000 LV3.143.052.0Romney +8
Fox News9/9 - 9/111056 LV3.045.048.0Romney +3
Wash. Post/ABC News9/7 - 9/9826 LV4.045.052.0Romney +7
CNN/ORC9/7 - 9/9875 RV3.545.053.0Romney +8
IBD/CSM/TIPP9/4 - 9/9808 RV3.541.050.0Romney +9
ARG9/4 - 9/61200 LV3.043.053.0Romney +10

The same methods produce an approval-disapproval for the President at 53-44%, a nine-point spread that's been feverishly buried by the MSM over the previous months.
Do keep in mind that what residual independents there are will never go for the incumbent in such a race, if history is any indicator... those willing to break for Obama will have done so by now. Therefore, an Obama polling less than 50% is in big, big trouble... just what we need to produce the sort of resounding GOP victory that can render the Left's diabolical schemes for voter fraud and bad-faith legal wrangling ineffective- and rid ourselves of this sinister regime once-and-for-all.