11 October 2012

Clintons Look Set to Euthanize Obama's
Dying Campaign as a Segue to Hillary 2016

Where's the smoke there's fire

Of all the people that Barack Obama has compromised, pressured, controlled, manipulated, blackmailed, and otherwise kept a lid on over the last four years, hallelujah at long-last somebody has turned and refused to lie for him anymore- and that somebody is Hillary Clinton: the US State Dept. yesterday completely dis-avowed the White House's dubious account of events in Benghazi on 9/11, forcing Obama to retract his earlier, BS-laden version.

Surprised? Can't imagine why- following a nasty 2008 primary, Bill Clinton and Obama have been what you might call 'frenemies', even as Hillary was co-opted/politically contained by bringing her into the Obama Administration. But it's doubtful she enjoys working for the guy, only the most fawning and subservient do for long.

Bubba supposedly encouraged Hillary to stage a primary challenge against 'incompetent', 'amateur' Obama, yet she demurred: is it possible at that point they decided their best bet was 2016- perhaps regardless of who won 2012?

If it sounds far-fetched, consider that both Bill's former aide and at least one Hillary staffer have remarked to the press they were 'voting for Romney', and specifically to 'propel Hillary to the WH'.

Bill's convention speech in Charlotte provided cover for the Clintons now surreptitiously turning on Obama on the eve of his defeat, pending investigations, and ongoing disassembly of the factually-warped Obama myth... while Hillary's lack of attendance -the first DNC she's missed in 30 years- creates political space for things to come.

Just look how the Benghazi debacle has gone down, the lies, the cover-up... WHY would Hillary take a fall for the WH? Obama wouldn't spit on her if her hair was on fire, and everybody -especially the Clintons- knows it. Small wonder Obama hustled her into the Oval Office yesterday for a little cawfee tawk.

Neither Clinton has forgotten the way Obama screwed them over in the 2008 caucuses (+ other dirty tricks), and they're not what you'd call 'forgiving' types: what a perfect opening to stick it to Barry while setting up her run in 2016 as a 'truth-teller', all Hill's got to do is tell us that truth.

This epic opportunity for revenge -one created by Obama's habitual dishonesty- has been laid before Hillary at the most inopportune moment for Dear Leader- and it looks to me like she's taking it..

Payback's a motha, brutha

UPDATE: Obama and Biden trying to stick it back on Hillary now...

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