06 October 2012

First Post-Debate Poll brings
FIVE POINT Bounce for Romney

'Eastwood's Last Laugh'
post debate poll and a Romney bump today
Whoomp there it is: polling results just up at the National Journal, comparing samples taken on Tuesday vs Thursday, book-ending the debate night:

Tues Oct 2: Obama 49   Romney 45    Obama +4 

Thurs Oct 4: Obama 46  Romney 47   Romney +1 

(Clarus Research/590 Likely Voters/4% margin-for-error)

Anxiously awaiting more of the same...

Another interesting development is absentee ballot requests: as noted at Ace of Spades, Iowa is running a D+77,000 margin at this point in time. Yet while the media keeps telling us this is gonna be 2008-The-Sequel, ballot requests were at D+100k just a week ago, and the trend ain't their friend  Democrats enjoyed a +150k cushion in 2008 (but only about 60k more in 2004, when the GOP held-on the White House, roughly the same as today).

And from a Republican perspective, things sound almost too good to believe in the major battleground state of Ohio, where the current statewide gap in absentee ballot requests is running Dem +5.5... less than a third of what they had four years ago.

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