16 October 2012

Maybe They Threatened to
Kidnap Huma This Time!

Or: since when does a Clinton 
take the fall for anybody...?

Just as the White House and Hillary's rudderless State Department were slipping into all-out war over who's to blame for serial incompetence in Libya (and after Axelrod was raked-over-the coals on Fox News Sunday re. Administration stonewalling on Benghazigate and the incompatible accounts of Susan Rice, Hillary, Biden, and Obama), suddenly it appears Hillary has attempted to take the fall while speaking to reporters in Peru... but why?

Isn't she the one that proclaimed unambiguously in the 2008 debates that 'the buck stops in the Oval Office'? And aren't both her and her husband about the most self-serving people on the planet?  After first saying that the White House fairy-tale about a 'protest' being behind the Benghazi attack was never the State Department's assessment, NOW she says the buck stops
with her- huh?

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton most certainly does bear considerable responsibility for the death of four Americans and a damaging intelligence loss, and it's refreshing to see anybody in this vile regime take responsibility for anything. But that's not the same as wanting us to think that the White House didn't turn down repeated requests for additional security at the Benghazi consulate or Obama didn't intentionally mislead us all as to the cause of the 9/11/2012 attack for weeks.

Hillary also covered for UN Ambassador Susan Rice's BS version of events, blaming her blatantly misleading prior statements on 'the fog of war'... even though it's known that both Clintons bear a considerable grudge against Rice due to early support for Obama '08 (she served in the Clinton Administration).

Alas, recall that rumor where Team Obama supposedly threatened Chelsea Clinton's life in order to keep Bubba quiet in 2008 re. Obama's eligibility -or lack thereof- after he let it slip-out he 'knows' that Obama is 'not qualified' to be president?

Yesterday's abrupt, unexpected 180° indeed evokes memories of Hillary's surprising withdrawal from the 2008 Dem nomination contest ('surprising' unless you were already aware that recalcitrant Hillary delegates -particularly blacks- were threatened right at the Convention in Denver if they didn't switch their support from Clinton to Obama, and quick... while bad things -like a dirt nap- happened to some of those who didn't, for example Stephanie Tubbs-Jones).

Anybody seen Huma around lately?

Smitty @ The Other McCain:

Stunned. Still nothing at HillBuzz. Wow. I mean, Hillary permitted herself to be set on a shelf in 2008, and now this? 

One can only speculate on the nature of the dirt #OccupyResoluteDesk has on her, to twist out that kind of
mea culpa from Hillary...

As for Hill's accounting of her own motivations, she says she's trying to 'avoid any game of political gotcha'... when just a few days ago her State Department directly contradicted WH lies and forced Obama to drop the farcical 'movie caused it' bit right then and there...

Doug Ross @Journal:

"Political gotcha"?  An Ambassador is dead and the administration trotted out a series of lies from the outset.

And the key questions remain unanswered:

• Who ordered security removed from Ambassador Stevens when he and other personnel were requesting more security?

• Who made up the story about the video and the non-protest in Libya?

• And why were the false stories promoted for weeks on end?

Four Americans are dead and more than a month has elapsed during which the administration has lied, evaded and misdirected.

Perhaps a few of these questions will be asked in in the remaining presidential debates.
Dare to dream.

Considering that tonight's debate concerns foreign policy, this topic surely warrants further discussion,  and soon...
wouldn't you say, Mitt?