23 October 2012

Obammunists Declare War on YOU:
Young Republican in Wisconsin
Beat-Up Bad by (Union?) Leftist Thugs

Son of Wisconsin state senator assaulted 
while confronting 2am yard-sign thieves

Sean Kedzie

Early Friday morning, thugs presumably supporting President Obama beat up the son of Wisconsin State Senator Neal Kedzie outside of his apartment in Whitewater. Kedzie caught the two men removing a Romney sign outside of his apartment around two o'clock in the morning. 

After telling them to put the signs back, one of the thugs attacked Kedzie and then put him in a choke hold and continued to beat his head...

More @ Breitbart

Yeah, getting ugly out there as the walls close-in...
Sure wouldn't advocate anyone backing-down from 
these sort of scum, tho... just be sure to pack some heat 
and flash it from the porch, that ought to send 'em scramblin.

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