15 October 2012

Planted 'Racist' at Romney Ohio Rally
Just ANOTHER False Flag Troll -yawn-

My first thought was 'that has gotta be 'shopped' but apparently not, if Getty Images can be believed. Even though the uncorroborated claim the guy photographed in Lancaster, Ohio was genuine was immediately pumped by Obama allies in the lap-dog media/Lefty blogs, does anybody have something more than this curiously convenient pic? Of course not...

Alas, as has become a favored tactic with unprincipled liberal zealots over the last few years, this fictional character was almost certainly a 'progressive' plant, since some things in the widely-circulated (and in the case of lib blogs, celebrated) photograph just don't square-up for any thinking person.

i.e. Stacy McCain:

I can pretty much guarantee that this man photographed at a Romney rally in Lancaster, Ohio, is not in fact a Republican, but rather is a plant sent out by the Democrats as a dirty trick. 

Clue #1: Wearing a “Romney/Ryan” sticker on the back of his T-shirt. Nobody does this. Nobody. 

Clue #2: It’s kind of chilly in Ohio this time of year, and the guy’s wearing only a T-shirt, while those around him are wearing coats. My guess is that this guy also wore a coat when he entered the rally, then stationed himself toward the back of the crowd (in front of the riser where the press photographers are stationed) and then removed his coat to expose the T-shirt, with the explicit purpose of having it photographed. . . . aaanndd, 

Clue #3: No name? A press photographer is going to take a picture like this and make no effort to ID the guy? Nuh-uh...

Kristin Taylor at Breitbart's Big Government also thinks the
whole thing smells like trash-truck juice:

A Getty representative speaking not for attribution told Breitbart the photographer did not speak with the man wearing the t-shirt and that he did not know with certainty the man was a Romney supporter. 

The representative did not know whether Getty would run a correction for the caption.

While liberals online pointed to the photograph as proof of racism among Romney supporters, conservatives wondered whether the man was a plant trying to make Romney look bad.

When Tea Party street activism was at its height, a movement called Crash the Tea Party was formed to infiltrate Tea Party rallies with liberal activists who would create bad optics for the Tea Party by acting out for the media liberal stereotypes of conservatives.

Leftist infiltrators wearing Nazi symbols have been driven out of Tea Party events around the country in the past. Why didn't Getty bother to find out if the man in the photo was a plant?

So then, what to make of the Dem's campaign office in Denver getting it's window shot-out last week?

More of the same, in all likelihood: recall that back in the hopenchangey days of 2008, skeezy Obama supporters (also in Colorado) were caught, charged, and convicted of doing over $11,000 of damage to the state Democratic HQ in an attempt to create the appearance of right-wing mayhem.

It's absolutely disgusting to see the sort of crap trolls-of-the-Left are willing engage in just to retain/expand statist power and control over our lives- how anybody could defend such
pond-scum and their antics is beyond me.