17 October 2012

Tale of Two VERY Different Recoveries:

Obama loves to tell you how long we've been in 'recovery' and how many jobs he's 'saved or created'- please.

Yet Ronald Reagan actually created more than twenty million jobs over his two presidential terms- growing the country’s real GDP by nearly 30% in the process:

Those kind of results make one wonder how Obama’s multi-trillion-dollar spending orgy could have impressed anybody: he had pledged an unemployment rate in the fives by now, driven by 3.5M new and 'saved' jobs -whatever those are- still, a paltry figure 16.5M jobs shy of The Gipper’s towering accomplishment.

We now know that -in the event- Dear Leader didn't produce much wealth nor demand for labor with a pork-laden 'Stimulus' that amounted to little more than a left-wing raid on the Treasury, one that set us back more than the entire cost of the Iraq war.

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