27 November 2012

'FAIRNESS': With Passage of CA Prop 30,
Just 144,000 California Households
(1% of taxpayers) Pay HALF the Tab

Yet even with 10% of wage-earners generating 
80% of Golden State income tax revenue
middle class schmoes making $48,000+/yr 
 still get socked with 9.3% on top of their IRS bill...

You have to wonder if any of the heavily-taxed hipsters out in Cali realize that Russia -you know, that country that used to simply lock-up capitalists and take their stuff- now has a pro-business national flat tax of just 13%, with NO state/local income taxes to speak-of... when some people in high-tax US states will soon be paying combined state/federal rates approaching 50%.

To add insult to injury, the new California 'Prop 30' taxes -which include an additional 1% surcharge on incomes over $1M/year- are retroactive to January 1st, 2012... nice, huh.

Sez Doug Ross: 'Fairness. That's the word I associate with massive, bloated, Democrat-controlled failed states like California... the US is next.