05 November 2012

Media Hiding Libya Debacle BOMBSHELL:
Obama Denied In Steve Kroft CBS Interview that Benghazi Was 'Terror'

Guess that makes Dear Leader, Candy Crowley, 
and most of the MSM blatant, in-your-face LIARS...

Ace of Spades (higlights mine):

Obama did an interview with CBS' Steve Kroft on the night of September 12th and the first question is about why he didn't call it terrorism in his Rose Garden statement that day.

...that directly contradicts Obama's pre-planned statement during the second debate with Romney. You know, the one where hacktastic Candy Crowely (sic) vouched for Obama's lie...

More @ Ace

Let there be no doubt, my friends: Obama's hubris, misguided FP agenda, and managerial incompetence is what screwed up Benghazi, and he's has been bus-chucking and lying about it for weeks while the media attempt to drag his political corpse over the finish line- that's just about all there is to it.