02 November 2012

World's Ugliest Man -Congressman
Henry Waxman (D-Ca)- Feeling REAL Pressure From a Political Novice

Liberal, aloof, and ugly no way to go through life son

Left-wing moonbat Henry Waxman is one of just two surviving members of the large Democratic freshman class of 1975... unfortunately, he has come to be one of the most influential members of the US House of Representatives....

Serving an out-there liberal Beverly Hills-West LA-Malibu-Santa Monica-SF Valley-South Bay district in various forms over the years, he never won re-election with less than 61% of the vote. Waxman has been re-elected 16 times, never facing substantive opposition. He faced no major-party opposition in 1986, and even ran completely unopposed in 2008. 

Waxman's beloved pup 'Fooey'

Yet old (73) and fugly-as-homemade shoes Waxman is now in the battle of his political life, as self-funded Independent 
Bill Bloomfield is giving him a real run for the money. Although Rep Waxman is used to cruising to victory in the 33rd District by 75-100 points, Bloomfield's said to trail by 8% or so at this juncture.

Thus, the first time in ages that Henry Waxman actually had to get off his tucas and campaign for re-election- redistricting into the South Bay area where Bloomfield resides (Manhattan Beach) hasn't helped the hard-on-the-eyes incumbent, either.

In LA, you are what you drive

"He's been there 38 years, about as long as anyone, and clearly he bears at least some responsibility for the place not working as well as it did," Bloomfield said in his small Manhattan Beach campaign office. 

"But as important, (he) shows no indication of wanting to, or let alone being able, to play a constructive role in getting it fixed again and getting it working again. He has been one of the leaders in the move to hyper-partisanship."

Poor bastard
Mike Bloomfield, Henry Waxman, 33rd

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