05 December 2012

Egyptians Hit by Dawning Realization that
Obama's on the DICTATOR's Side-
Not Theirs/Democracy

Muslim Brotherhood totalitarianism NOT welcome
photo: Doug Ross

100,000+ protesters -furious at President Morsi's brazen attempt to place himself above the nation's law/courts- forced Obama's Muslim Brotherhood ally to flee the presidential palace yesterday...

The freedom-seeking Cairo demonstrators broke-down the barricades surrounding the presidential compound and
marched right to the wall- no attempt was made to breach the building's outer perimeter.

Although you'd never know it by listening to the Obammunist hacks that make-up the American MSM, grassroots opposition protests against the anti-democratic Islamist that Obama basically installed in Egypt (by betraying a staunch,
30-year US ally) are now entering their third week. And not
just in Cairo, demonstrations against the Brotherhood's radical draft constitution have popped-up in most all of the country's
27 provinces.

Morsi's excuse for the ill-conceived overreach that sparked all this -including a walkout by the Egyptian Supreme Court- was 'God's will and the election made me captain of the ship!', but obviously nobody's buying that but the most fervent of Islamist zealots. Indeed, two Morsi advisors have already resigned:
one of them -a Christian- held the position of
'assistant for democratic transformation'.

Now privately-owned media outlets and college professors are considering joining the judiciary's 'indefinite strike'... there are already calls for 'a second revolution'.

Some observers have recently been noting numerous disturbing parallels between Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood administration and the 1979 revolution in Iran. And so has the average Egyptian, from the look of things... 

'To Hillary: Hamas will never rule Egypt!'

Dear Leader getting the shoe treatment

Good question - bad spelling


Cairo, December 2nd 2012

WAR near the US Embassy just last week

Got the look/moves down

Why can't ungrateful Egyptians show more respect- like Jamie Foxx?

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