07 December 2012

#FireBoehner Gathering Steam...

For more than a few of us, the removal of principled conservatives from influential committee assignments this week was the first shot of a new war we all knew was coming following Mittens' anticlimactic defeat: in the now-unfolding battle for control of the Republican Party, we have TEA Party patriots vs. the ossified -yet at the same time squishy- GOP/RNC old-guard... victory here would do the Reaganite/TP wing more good than any third-party attempt ever will.

I myself have given Boehner the benefit-of-the-doubt way too many times, and have now concluded this sinister, unprincipled RINO crybaby has got to go: the beauty part is that we just need sixteen Republican votes against him as speaker and *poof* it's time for the Sunkist Kid to hit the showers.

Only a principled, fiscal-conservative WARRIOR in that chair -gimme  Paul Ryan- can salvage this country in the face of a 'progressive' full-court press for four LONG years, and John Boehner simply doesn't have the brains, balls, or personality to pull it off- sorry, dude.

We need somebody to put the Bolshevik Boy Wonder back-on-his-heels, SO sick of our side being humiliated by this pompous nothing... 

This is WAR, so think PATTON- not the fake-baked Mr Bean we've got now:

Doug Ross: FLUSH HIM

Riehl World News: Boehner has GOT to Go


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