06 December 2012

Neo-Bolshevik California Teacher's Union Employs Cutesy Class-Warfare Cartoon to Drum-Up Hatred for the Evil Rich

With radical bonehead Ed Asner narrating, great

Fr. American Power... this crap will make you sick:

Manipulative indoctrination propaganda -it looks like something you'd see out of Pyongyang- that will inevitably be shown in a classroom full of impressionable, young children, and at taxpayer expense (!) Maybe somebody should tell these Obammunist losers that top earners in the Golden State are already slated to be paying over half their income in taxes next year- 
but since when do we ever we allow ourselves to be
topped by France, eh libs?

Update: Below summary replaces original video -which portrayed 'the rich' urinating on the poor-  since the California Federation of Teachers had the original YouTube taken-down right as this post was being written (Dec 6th @ 6am EST):

teachers union video
American Power   HotAir   The Daily Mail (UK)

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