17 December 2012

We're About to Snatch the Gavel from
Feckless RINO Doormat John Boehner

Why is Barack Obama playing hardball on fiscal-cliff talks with Gee-Oh-Pee 'leadership' -clearly not negotiating in good faith- as he seems to even welcome the pending economic catastrophe most sensible Americans find so terrifying?

If Obama looks like he doesn't care, it's because he doesn't: the WH knew from the start that weaker-than-circus-lemonade John Boehner would play tough at first, then promptly cave on things like still-yet-another debt ceiling increase and ill-advised new taxes on the entrepreneurs and small businesses that Reagan said 'create most or all of the economic growth in the U.S.'

Meanwhile, the most damaging president in US history is happy to allow radical defense cuts and heavy taxes to kick in if he can't get a dream-deal from the GOP: Obama has no problem with many fiscal-cliff consequences anyway, and he's clearly convinced that the left can exploit any crisis politically while blaming it all on the Republicans. That is, unless Barry hears something from Boehner he really likes, and with the way the Republican old-guard's crumbling already, expect the worst.

Intellectual lightweight John Boehner has attempted to marginalize the TEA Party when he wasn't busy crying or forking-over to the 'progressives' trillions of (borrowed) dollars, hasn't considered anything slightly brave -like, say, defunding ObamaCare- nor even once came up with the sort of legislation actual constitutional conservatives might expect from people calling themselves 'Republicans'.

The guy is not only ineffective, but simply not promoting our agenda at-all: Boo-Hoo Boehner's merely a useful idiot, comic target, and totally non-threatening 'opponent' for the Obama Administration to slap-around at-will... he's working out great as a progressive foil while not really doing anything one would recognize as 'conservative'.

Every day the GOP limps along with John Boehner as House Speaker is another day for a terrible negotiator with no core principles to sit in a sidecar while the Bolshevik Boy Wonder blasts us down the road to socialism... and I for one am friggin sick of it:  if The Orange Menace dares to conspire with Obama in order to hike taxes on the entrepreneurial class in the middle of a recession, he's finished as House Speaker- and any Republican who votes for it will be primaried in 2014 by a viable TEA Party alternative- KNOW THAT, Republican squish-bags.

The good news is that it only takes a handful of rebel GOP legislators to show the Obama's doormat the door... 
and that's precisely what we're going to do-
Ned Ryun @ RedState:

If conservatives want to determine their own leadership on the Hill, it starts with firing John Boehner as Speaker. I described how and why here. 

We need all of you to make this happen. 

We only need 16 conservatives to abstain from the Speaker vote to depose Boehner and force the GOP caucus to pick new leadership. 

We’ve had thousands of activists nationwide ask how they can help. For now, we suggest calling and writing conservative Congressmen in your area. Here’s a suggested letter/email.

For a list of target Congressmen to send it to, please scroll below (at this link)

Here’s the link to email your Congressperson.

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