18 January 2013

'Miss Croatia 2012' is Elizabeta Burg

Last month's Miss Universe pageant introduced the world to some truly stunning women, a prime example of which being
Miss Croatia 2012 Elizabeta Burg: one of the youngest contestants at just 19, Elizabeta's what you might call
a smart cookie, currently working on a veterinary degree while already fluent in English AND German in-addition to her native Serbo-Croatian...

Elizabeta hails from the small Croatian town of Vrbanja, -near the Serbian and Bosnian borders- where her parents own the farm on which she learned the meaning of hard work, milking cows and cleaning stables as a young girl. Her personal ambition, discipline, and love for critters landed her in veterinary school. Elizabeta primary hobbies are horseback riding, volleyball, and modeling- get a load of the legs on this one, boys:

Miss Croatia for 2012 miss universe TRUMP Elizabeta Burg
Miss Croatia for 2012 is a 19 yo named Elizabeta Burg

Miss Croatia is hot in a bikini and her name is Elizabeta Burg