31 January 2013

Paul Revere & the Raiders: 'KICKS' - 1966

Perhaps the hottest rock act to ever come out of Boise, Idaho 
was (and is) the group Paul Revere & the Raiders, who saw considerable commercial success in the 1960s and early 70s with hits such as 'Kicks' and 'Hungry' (1966), 'Him Or Me- What's It Gonna Be?' ('67) and then in 1971 their only #1 single, 'Indian Reservation' ('Cherokee people, Cherokee pride...'
-you know, that one).

The band was together as early as 1958 as The Downbeats, and enjoyed an early Northwest-only regional hit with 'Like, Long Hair' in 1961. Influenced by British Invasion bands such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dave Clark Five, and The Animals, their sound evolved over time to include those influences but with more of an American, 'R-n-B' feel to it.

Even though keyboardist 'Paul Revere' -born Paul Revere Dick in Harvard, Nebraska- was a conscientious objector who worked in a mental hospital to avoid overseas combat assignments
-so not much of a patriot really- the band featured a 'patriotic' look to play off his name -an American answer to the British Invasion.

They appeared in Revolutionary War uniforms, three-pointed hats, etc to play off the New England 1770's period theme. This created a visual appeal/gimmick that was a natural for TV, and they appeared on Dick Clark and other shows of the day for
(lip-synched) appearances, as below.

Trivia: in November 1966, Paul Revere & the Raiders were scripted into the original Batman show for an episode entitled 'Hizzoner The Penguin'...

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