09 January 2013

STILL MORE Reasons We're Not Forking-Over Our Guns to a Government That Just Bought
1.4B Rounds of Ammo, 2500 DHS Armored Trucks, and Bulletproof Checkpoint Booths

You didn't hear about all that?

Plenty more cause-to-suspect the intentions of this vile regime where that came from, and do keep in mind that the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution was intended to protect the populace from the actions of a tyrannical government
-it wasn't meant for hunting, or even stopping stage-coach robberies- it's there primarily to defend Liberty from precisely the type of megalomaniacal leaders we find ourselves saddled with today...
  • Powerful CA Senator Diane Feinstein has come right-out and stated her end-goal as confiscation of ALL guns in this country...

  • DHS has now ordered over 1.4 BILLION rounds of ammo in the last six months (!), much of it sniper-caliber, hollow-tip, etc.. so just when will we be allowed to ask Janet Napolitano why her highly-politicized -and now militarized- Homeland Security Department has stocked up 25+ rounds for each and every Republican...?
  • Or all the 'urgent' order for new riot gear?
  • Then there's the leaked US Army training manual entitled 'Civil Disturbance Operations', which besides other things spells-out how to confiscate weapons, quell rioting, and even kill American citizens

    Among the many thought-provoking passages in the pamphlet are 'warning shot will not be fired' and one describing how 'political activists' will be 
    're-educated' into developing an 'appreciation of 
    U.S. policies'. 

    While the Army's willingness to obey illegal orders is in-doubt, another outfit to worry about would be FEMA, the federal emergency agency first established to aid the population and guarantee a continuation-of-government in the event of WWIII. 

    Even though that Soviet threat no longer exists, the powers of FEMA have been expanded radically, to the point where it is the only government entity with the potential ability to suspend the Constitution, confiscate property, and -yes- kill people as it sees fit... all it takes is the type of executive order President Obama is already oh-so-very fond of. 

    FEMA relocation schemes and large-scale (concentration) camp expansions are plenty disconcerting, too: the largest of these sites lays just outside Fairbanks, Alaska (our Siberia!)- featuring a gargantuan mental-health facility, it can hold up to two million detainees.

    Note that the Soviet Union often shipped recalcitrant, politically-irritating people off to the 'happy home'
    for fixing
     as well.

    And what's up with the Social Security Administration also stocking-up on hollow-tip rounds?

    OR the freaking National Weather Service acquiring the same type of high-powered ammo...?