02 January 2013

TEA Party to GOP Squish-Bags:
It's Boehner/McConnell or Us Now

Bachmann, West, Marco Rubio, Tim Scott,
even Eric Cantor stand their ground while 
Paul Ryan deeply disappoints conservatives

Surely I'm not the only one who will be quitting the Republican Party -and I mean next week- if they keep spineless RINO nothing John Boehner (and even worse traitor Mitch McConnell) in a position of power, not now that they've kowtowed to the vile Obammunist regime yet again and ditched whatever speck of principle they ever had with an truly sickening 41-1 tax increase/spending cuts ratio that can't spun any other way than complete and utter capitulation.

What's the point of sticking with a party where even Paul Ryan so readily discards his own fiscal credibility by caving to the sniveling worms of the GOP establishment? Such pliability shows you why Mittens liked him, and he's fallen about five notches in my book over the last 12 hours. Barring a more conservative House Speaker or dramatic ascension within the party by -say- a Rubio, Paul, or Bachmann- the Republicans simply have nothing to offer me anymore but continued grief and serial failure.

I don't care if they want to call me a nut, rebel, 'selfish', obstacle, racist, whatever- anybody with half-a-brain and any intellectual honesty can tell you spending cuts are the only thing that's ever going to save this country, and I'm plenty confident history WILL be on the TEA Party's side... hopefully before the greenback goes belly-up. Anyone who does not think this way is indeed a political enemy of mine and every other true fiscal conservative.

As larger battles over entitlements loom -and with absolutely no other precedent established by our current party 'leadership' but 'grab-ankle for the progs'- there's simply no reason to count on the McConnells and Boo-Hoo Boehners of the world to ever do the right thing... because they won't.

Besides the comprehensive lack of results, these two don't even have the slightest clue of how to fight disingenuous arguments from the White House and debate in favor of WHAT WORKS, even vs. complete and utter Obama bullshit like 'America works best when we all do our share' (even though 47% of Americans pay NO net tax to the federal government) OR that the issue of increased taxes on job-creators is one of 'fairness' 
(not the stupidity of scaring investment $ overseas) OR how Obama isn't willing to 'have any more debates with Congress regarding paying for laws they've already passed' when he and other Democrats are the ones who legislated most of that now-troublesome excess (that the TEA Party has been begging the feckless MAJORITY House Republicans to put a lid on).

GAWD do I hate being on a team packed with self-serving LOSERS- I promise you I won't miss a single one of them.

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