09 January 2013

The Swinging Blue Jeans:
'Make Me Know You're Mine' -1965

Emerging in the wake of the Fab Four's rise to worldwide fame, The Swining Blue Jeans were what was called a 'Merseybeat' band, in the style of other Liverpool groups inspired by American rock, doo-wop, and R -n- B genres and originating along the banks of the River Mersey in NW England.

While not exactly one-hit-wonders, success was considerable -yet brief- for the band, as The Swinging Blue Jeans covered 'Hippy Hippy Shake' (like the Beatles) and scored a British #2 hit single with it (US = #24 on Billboard Top 100). They soon afterward charted with their version of 'Good Golly Miss Molly' (UK #11/US #43) followed by a #3 hit in Britain with
'You're No Good' that did poorly stateside, dying out at #97.

The group released a handful of singles over the next couple years, but commercial success now eluded them- the last noteworthy effort being 'Don't Make Me Over' in 1966, which did nothing in America while managing to crawl up to #31 on the UK singles chart for the Swinging Blue Jeans last hurrah: a shame, as although all the hits were covers the band had a great sound and brought a lot to the material, imho:

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