21 February 2013

BUSTED: Team Obama Directly Implicated
in Major NC Voter-Registration Fraud

After we learn of a morally-crippled poll worker named 'Melowese' voting for Obama at least six times in Ohio, now a report comes out that has the Obama regime itself working directly with like-minded scum at the North Carolina Board of Elections (BoE) to illegally register 11,000+ people. They also paid a company per registration to scrape-up voters, a blatant, in-your-face violation of federal law...

The Examiner:

North Carolina's Civitas Institute has revealed that the NC State Board of Elections and the Obama campaign conspired to register at least 11,000 people via the internet in violation of state law.

This has been confirmed through records requests filed with all of North Carolina's 100 counties. The counting is not yet complete. 

 North Carolina does not allow online voting, but according to Civitas, SBE staff authorized an Obama campaign website, Gottaregister.com, to use a web-based registration program. 

The SBE's chief lawyer responded to the charge with a plainly disingenuous 1984-newspeak answer: Wright repeatedly denied that the SBE allowed online voter registration, insisting that it was “web-based voter registration” instead, as if there could be a “web-based” process that wasn’t online. 

The technology from Allpoint Voter Services uses remote-control pens to transmit “signatures” over the Internet, according to techpresident.com. After entering voter information in an online form, the citizen “signs” it with a stylus or a finger. The Allpoint technology records the signature and then transmits it to one of two autopens – one in California, the other in Nevada. One of the pens transcribes the signature on to a paper voter registration form... 

To say this is not “online” registration but “web-based” is like saying a certain vehicle
is not a car, it’s an automobile.

The point of having a “wet signature” – one in ink – is to provide a universally accepted way proving that a prospective voter is affirming in person all the facts on the form. To have an auto pen inserted at one point in this long computerized process is a far different thing... 

Why all this voter fraud in North Carolina? No voter-ID law, for one: add those 11,000 live specimens (illegally registered) to the 30,000 dead voters found registered in this very same
North Carolina, and it's a wonder Romney carried the state.

But just 'cuz Obama didn't win there doesn't mean it's OK to let it slide again- it's not: this crap needs to be fought tooth-and-nail by our side, from now-on into 2014/16. And if ossified Gee Oh Pee fossils like Boehner and McConnell won't do it, something -with $ behind it- needs to happen at the grass-roots level, and quick...

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