02 February 2013

Jeff Gordon Regrets Firing of Pit Crew

Raleigh NC:  Jeff Gordon announced a couple weeks back that he was firing his entire pit crew. The big surprise came in the wake of President Obama's general NASCAR outreach, in particular a federal scheme to employ disadvantaged inner-city youth.

What sealed the deal was a recent study that showed how unemployed youths from Harlem were able to remove a set of wheels in less than 6 seconds -and without proper equipment- whereas Gordon's existing crew could only do it in 8 seconds, and this with thousands of dollars’ worth of the latest high-tech power tools. 

Initially thought to be an innovative and bold move by Gordon's management team -as many races are won or lost in the pits- Gordon got more than he bargained for: at the crew's first practice session, not only were the inexperienced hoodies able to switch all 4 wheels in under 6 seconds, but within 9 seconds they had changed the paint scheme, altered the VIN number, and sold the car to Dale Earnhardt Jr. for 10 cases of beer, a bag of weed, and some photos of Gordon's wife in the shower...

Crime pays
Wikipedia   AthtletesWives.com   h/t Klaus

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