04 February 2013

Karl Rove = Bloated, Parasitic Tumor
to Be Removed without Delay

Discredited political consultant, blathering TV talking head, and big-bux fundraiser/PAC-man Karl Rove was once hailed by George W Bush as 'The Architect' in the wake of the 2004 campaign victory he had engineered. In retrospect, we'd probably have been better off in the long-term letting John Kerry try and deal with the earthshaking real estate collapse his Dems' own affirmative-action housing initiatives were soon to bring us.

Instead, Rove -as White House Senior Adviser and Deputy Chief-of-Staff- resided over a Bush 2nd-term popularity dive so steep and so politically damaging to the GOP brand that the United States seems to have shifted sharply to the left for about 7 years now- and with a desperately needed cyclical correction still nowhere-in-sight.

So what good has Karl Rove done since he helped drive the entire Republican Party into a wall?

While he sure knew how to show his blobular face on Fox to
take credit for the 'unsophisticated' TEA Party's wave of
2010 victories, deep inside Rove had to resent this growing grassroots threat to his (and the entire GOP establishment's) centralized power structure and 'deal making' ability.

Fast-forward to disastrous 2012: lacking any speck of humility or honest self-assessment following the defeat of not just the lame presidential candidate Rove helped shove down our throats but also losses by 67% of the Republicans (10/12 Senate races, 4/9 House) his SuperPacs spent over $1 BILLION  supporting, the doughboy has now pivoted from all that harsh reality to declare war on the TEA Party- all I have to say is 'bring it on
you fat f#@$%!'.

Since Mr Rove is politically unprincipled and displays zero core beliefs, he's apparently just out to extend a lucrative career giving bad advice and losing vital GOP races- Karl Rove's in it for
Karl Rove,
and that's just about all there is to it. 

His new RINO offensive will be operating under the misnomer 'Conservative Victory Project', the sinister agenda being not only protection of pliable Gee Oh Pee officeholders from primary challenges on the right, BUT ALSO systematic targeting of sitting congressional Republicans 'of the TEA Party variety'.

In a desperate bid to regain lost relevency, Karl Rove's launching a war for control of the Republican party, no less- but with his crap record, who in the HELL does this guy think he is spending BIG money to crush constitutional conservatives... the only people in this country even attempting to pull us back from the precipice? The only ones depressed-and-demoralized conservative voters would bother to get-up and go to the polls for?

Perhaps Fox News' decision to drastically reduce Rove's presence on the network has got him paranoid, thinking he's being made a scapegoat- but most thinking people can see this long-overrated character really hasn't got it anymore -all you have to do is look at the results.

When one of the most culpable GOP establishment figures starts pointing his finger at the grass-roots heart of the party, you have to wonder if the guy even believes in democracy- and whether 'Republican' betters like Rove ought to be selecting the Party apparatchiks we conservatives get to take-or-leave on yet another hold-your-nose Election Day.

As disappointing as last year's election cycle was, TEA Party patriots' fiscal -and other- dire concerns are sure to be validated by history- and the Roves of the world proven DEAD wrong. The only questions we've had for some time now is 'how long will it take' for a majority of Americans to see the light... and 'will there be anything left' in the wake of the radical and deeply-damaging Obama era.

In the meantime, self-serving losers like Karl Rove have GOT to go- there's plenty of fresh talent around to tap -he's done nothing but damage to the right for almost a decade now- and HE 
-Karl Rove- has already declared war on us, it's not like he's left you a choice or anything...